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Eastern Light A serious, subtle, wise, and capacious spiritual memoir which addresses the hungers of seekers in this era of religious pluralism.
Atheist Awakening An assessment of the future of dialogue between atheists and religious believers.
Atheist Awakening A history and analysis of the evolution of organized secularism.
Life is Spiritual Practice Reflections on the first paramis, generosity, as a universal human virtue.
Life is Spiritual Practice An accessible and down-to-earth commentary on Buddha's teachings of the 10 Perfections.
Sounding the Trumpet Brooks Berndt's testimony on how faith communities need to make use of their role in offering vision.
Sounding the Trumpet A collection of letters in which a social justice minister is spurred on by the wise counsel of his former homiletics teacher.
Dolphin Tale 2 A satisfying continuation of the story of the dolphin with a prosthetic tail that shows that animals have emotions and feel things deeply.
Building an Ark Ethan Smith and Guy Dauncey with suggestions on connecting with animals and building compassion.
A Seat at the Table A message from Native Americans on living fully and celebrating this Hour, this time in history.