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Fingers Pointing Toward the Sacred A robust and imaginatively engaging spiritual safari by a highly gifted artist, sculptor, and seeker with a shining trans-religious vision.
Zen and Zen Classics R.H. Blyth, in a book edited by Frederick Franck, with anecdotes about becoming open.
The Buddha Eye A collection of essays on the multiple meanings of Zen.
Pacem in Terris The story of how Franck, a painter and sculptor, turned ruins of an old mill into a transreligious oasis.
After 9/11, Pieta for Darfur and Iraq, Solstice Three works by spiritual master and artist Frederick Franck and the artist's story of how he created his Pieta.
Pacem in Terris Frederick Franck on where art comes from and the no-thing-ness of it.
Messenger of the Heart Frederick Franck's verses on love.
The Zen of Seeing A revelation of sheer existence.
The Supreme Koan Two thought-provoking essays and two Buddhist-Christian miracle plays.
Ode to the Human Face A gift book with photos of clay faces relaying the artist's preoccupation with the meaning of being human.