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Becoming Bread Gunilla Norris's poem about the value of crumbs as little chances to love.
A Mystic Garden On gardening as a way of nurturing the soul and being present in the natural world.
Being Home Gunilla Norris on paying bills with gratitude.
Inviting Silence Challenges us to make a place for this spiritual practice in our daily lives.
Journeying in Place Gunilla Norris on the heavy peony blossom's need for nurturing in order to open.
Sharing Silence Gunilla Norris on how we make a place for silence we make room for ourselves.
Becoming Bread Reverential musings on the links between food for the body and sustenance for the spirit.
Being Home A very special book that enables us to savor the vast love that flares up in the midst of the most bromidic tasks of our daily rounds.
Home Selections from four of Gunilla Norris's books on the spirituality of place.
Journeying in Place A poetic and enchanting book about the art of everyday spirituality.