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Faith Works Jim Wallis on the spiritual practice of justice in service to the poor.
Who Speaks for God? Jim Wallis on understanding the true meaning of compassion as seeing the world through the eyes of others.
The Soul of Politics On the social and cultural cost of disregarding moral values.
The Great Awakening Charts the spiritual revival and zeal for social change and justice in America that has been sparked by some unusual religious coalitions.
God's Politics A new vision for faith and politics in America based on prophetic religion's imperatives of justice, compassion, peace, and hope.
Who Speaks for God? A stirring vision of Christian activism that goes beyond the old cataegories of left and right, liberal and conservative.
Faith Works An expansive and hopeful work about how faith-based organizations are addressing the nation's most pressing social problems.
The Soul of Politics Puts forward an ethically rooted and socially responsible political vision.