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Mohandas Gandhi Gandhi on the difficult art of nonviolence and the love that lies behind it.
Daniel Berrigan A capacious work that brings together the essential writings of antiwar activist, peacemaker, poet, and Christian commentator Daniel Berrigan.
Peacework Henri Nouwen on practicing peace and not anger in our peacemaking.
The Questions of Jesus John Dear on using the wise questions of Jesus in our lives.
Disarming the Heart On the problem of our addiction to violence.
Put Down Your Sword A multidimensional look at the Christian path of creative nonviolence.
A Persistent Peace An inspiring autobiography of a Jesuit peacemaker who walks his talk in a world of war, violence, and hatred.
Transfiguration A thought-provoking and soul-stirring book that encourages us to practice Jesus' way of fearless nonviolence.
You Will Be My Witnesses Tributes to saints, prophets, and martyrs whose little way of nonviolence, love, and service is a light for us all.