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The Secret of Roan Inish A lovely and lyrical drama about the spiritual longing for home and the deep meanings that can be conveyed by family stories.
Passion Fish A compelling film about two women whose spiritual transformation is precipitated by illness.
City of Hope A powerful and profound film about what is wrong with our cities and what it will take to save them.
Eight Men Out This serious movie puts some points on the scoreboard with its messages about gamblers who corrupt the sport and players who drag the game through the mud with their greed.
Matewan An old-fashioned movie that will make the hearts of all idealists truly sing.
The Brother from Another Planet A sci-fi parable about the triumph of conscience and community over death dealers of all stripes.
Lianna An appealing movie about love, friendship, and camaraderie.
Return of the Secaucus Seven Delivers a rueful portrait of a handful of members of the baby boom generation.