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Long-term Gratitude Remembering those who have helped you in different moments of your life.
Appreciating Others Expressing gratitude to your family and friends.
Gratitude for What You've Been Spared Posting a proverb to remind you of all you have to be thankful for.
Be the First to Extend Greetings Good manners toward those who perform services.
Cheerful Expression Receiving every person with a friendly facial expression.
Secret Acts of Kindness Not needing to be recognized for good acts.
Remember the Divine Image Inside You A saying to affirm your preciousness.
Reframe the Way You See Those Who Provoke You Having compassion for the one who is provoking you
Diverting Yourself Things to do when you are are obsessing or angry over something.
A Code of Jewish Ethics Rabbi Joseph Telushkin on having good manners as a spiritual practice of kindness.