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Birthday of Margaret Fuller (PDP) Celebrating the great reformer who argued against the subjugation of women and slaves.
Birthday of Stephen Colbert (PDP) Celebrating the comedian and Late Show host who keeps us sane in the face of jarring changes.
Birthday of Bono (PDP) Recognizing the contributions and leadership style of the international lobbyist and rock star.
Birthday of John Muir A celebration of the naturalist, botanist, and geologist who founded the Sierra Club.
Healing Conflict with Lectio Divina Instructions for a contemplative and open-hearted reading of a text provided by someone with whom you are in conflict.
Viewing Conflict with Lectio Divina How to use the Lectio Divina process to overcome resistance to a difficult video scene.
Using Lectio Divina to Face Conflicts Stories of how a classic practice can be used to face difficult scenes and heal relationship conflicts.
We the People Book Club Twelve books exploring themes of democracy.