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The Beliefnet Guide to Islam Hesham A. Hassaballa and Kabir Helminski on the devotional practice of praying five times a day.
The Vision of the Qur'an Kabir helminski's devotional quotes from the Qur'an.
Love's Ripening New translations of poems by Rumi about love and the opening and softening of the heart.
The Rumi Collection A treasure trove of spiritual gems that will delight avid Rumi fans and extend his audience even more among the uninitiated.
The Knowing Heart Kabir Helminski on the spiritual practice of kindness, adab
The Book of Language Definitions of over 200 key Islamic spiritual, philosophical, and metaphysical terms by a Mevlevi shaikh who has spent 30 years translating the concepts of this religion.
Rumi Daylight A primer to the origins of the Mathnawi.
Rumi Daylight 365 selections from the first two books of Rumi's Mathnawi translated by Kabir and Camille Helminski.
Love Is a Stranger Building an inner world through the outer world as a metaphor.