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Ordinary Sacred Kent Nerburn on discovering beauty and the divine in all people and all things.
Neither Wolf nor Dog A Native American elder on sharing our wealth and revering all people (in a book by Kent Nerburn)
The Girl Who Sang to the Buffalo A window into Native American spirituality that touches the heart and stirs the soul.
Make Me an Instrument of Your Peace Kent Nerburn's passage about being a beacon of hope in the world.
Ordinary Sacred A graceful, heartfelt, and imaginative collection of stories and spiritual teachings by a gifted writer who believes that beauty nourishes the soul.
The Wolf at Twilight A Native American elder's take on how the Creator sends different teachers and abilities to different peoples.
The Wolf at Twilight Keen insights into the dark side of American history, and soul-stirring observations about Native American ceremonies, the Great Mystery, and the spiritual practice of listening.
Chief Joseph & the Flight of the Nez Perce An incisive portrait of a peaceful Native American leader and a scary look back at the ugly side of our history of violence and deceit.
Road Angels Conveys a deep appreciation for the dynamics of place and the lovable idiosyncrasies of the human spirit.
Simple Truths A rich and meaningful collection of essays by a sensitive writer who sees clearly and is a connoisseur of the mysteries of life.