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The Age of Innocence A sumptuous and poignant screen interpretation of Edith Wharton's nineteenth century novel.
GoodFellas Proves that not even crooks can do whatever they want, that everybody is accountable.
The Last Temptation of Christ A bold and imaginative portrait of the life of Jesus of Nazareth and his struggles.
The Color of Money A tight, tough, and tense screenplay carried by Paul Newman's intelligent performance.
After Hours A Kafkaesque drama about paranoid and urban living.
The King of Comedy Reveals the trivialization of culture when celebrity reigns.
Raging Bull A screen biography of Jake La Motta, a searing look at the sport of boxing, and a riveting drama revolving around grand passions.
The Last Waltz One of the most well-realized and musically satisfying rock movies ever made.
Taxi Driver A compelling and unsettling film exploring many of the fears, aches, and dislocations of contemporary urban life.