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Kind even when angry Kind even when angry
Eighty-four thousand entrance doors Eighty-four thousand entrance doors
A sense of empathy for the suffering of others A sense of empathy for the suffering of others
Happiness Buddhist insights on overcoming mental blindness and afflictive emotions in the pursuit of happiness.
Happiness A Buddhist monk's understanding of happiness as the deep sense of flourishing that arises from a healthy mind as well as a a way of interpreting the world.
Happiness Matthieu Ricard on the nature of happiness.
Guru Yoga A short quote from Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche about the joy of relationships (from a book edited by Matthieu Ricard).
Monk Dancers of Tibet An exploration of a rich sacred tradition that goes back to the ninth century.
The Monk and the Philosopher Part memoir, part philosophical treatise, and part explanation of Buddhism's place in today's world.
Guru Yoga Explores the relationship between an enlightened master and a disciple.