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Grist for the Mill A challenging and enlightening collection of speeches and lectures by Ram Dass on his spiritual journey.
Polishing the Mirror Ram Dass on how wisdom does not diminish with age.
Polishing the Mirror The renown teacher's commentary on the practices and insights of his wisdom teachings from the past 50 years.
Still Here A very inspiring and wise book about healing by a spiritual teacher whose close brush with death has become for him an opportunity for transformation.
Journey of Awakening Ram Dass on how meditation allows us to cultivate our humanity while we transform our consciousness.
Be Love Now Ram Dass on being a test model for the baby boomer generation.
Renunciation Practice Loosening the hold our desires have on us.
Sticking with a Mantra Advice for working with a mantra even amidst doubt.
Be Here Now Ram Dass on the present moment.
Ocean of Love Meditation A simple but powerful meditation on love from Ram Dass.