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In Constant Prayer Robert Benson on a variety of habits and places of devotion.
The Echo Within A lyrical and pensive examination of the Word of God, callings, vocation, and finding purpose and meaning in one's life.
A Good Neighbor Reflections on four spiritual practices suggested by the Rule of St. Benedict to deepen and enrich our participation in community.
A Good Life Robert Benson on the connection between those in our lives and the presence of Christ in them.
In Constant Prayer An irresistible affirmation of the ancient Christian practice of the daily office as a devotional expression of prayer without ceasing.
Digging In Tutors us in the art of really knowing the place where we live and celebrating the wonders in our own backyards.
Home by Another Way A charming tribute to a Caribbean island that has taught the author how to slow down, to live with less, and to appreciate the small kindnesses of others.
Home by Another Way Robert Benson on letting the day have its way with me by being present.
The Echo Within Robert Benson on how we cannot find someone to do what we do.
A Good Life A fine primer on everyday spirituality bolstered by practice.