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The Hi-Lo Country Strong and heart-felt performances by Billy Crudup and Woody Harrelson make this an immensely appealing drama.
The Van Shows what some people will sacrifice to keep a friendship alive.
Mary Reilly A psychological thriller that nibbles at the edges of the theme of sexual repression and its perils.
The Snapper An unforgettable portrait of a loving dad who is also his daughter's knight in shining armor.
Hero An engrossing film that challenges us to think about the true meaning of heroism in this age of media-manufactured celebrities.
Dangerous Liaisons A scintillating study of sexual politics that skillfully presents the cruel ways two malevolent protagonists manipulate their targets and decive others around them.
Prick Up Your Ears A creative portrait of playwright Joe Orton's life and death.
My Beautiful Laundrette A gritty English drama about racial tensions and the thriving underground economy in England during the 1980s.