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Bubble A low-key drama set in a working-class Midwest town that zeroes in on the dangers inherent in jealousy.
Ocean's Twelve A lark of a film to watch with top-drawer cast strutting their stuff in a playful manner.
Solaris A mesmerizing science fiction movie that will put you in touch with the mysterious nature of your memories and the yearnings of your heart.
Full Frontal Covers 24 hours in the lives of seven individuals who are searching for some personal connection that will give their lives meaning.
Ocean's Eleven A lively, clever, and thoroughly entertaining caper flick.
Traffic A hard-hitting work of social conscience that uses three interweaving stories to show how mood altering drugs have invaded every aspect of American life.
Erin Brockovich A rounded and rich portrait of a deeply flawed woman who hits high stride by trying to make a difference in the world.
The Limey A moody five-finger exercise about loss with a terrific performance by Terence Stamp.
Out of Sight Perfectly catches its funky portrait of colorful characters dealing with the craziness of human desire.
King of the Hill Affirms imagination as a character attribute that helps a resilient adolecent to survive in hard times.