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Countering Violence A call to cultivate inner peace.
Reframing Apparent Defeat A meditation on the transformational benefit of failure and obstacles.
A Sacred Sun of Awareness Advice on how to overcome our prejudices and tame our ego.
Walking Softly on the Earth A recommendation for walking in nature with sacred mindfulness.
Opening our Heart to Others A call to pay attention to others' feelings while keeping in mind the sacred presence within them.
Embodying the Good Samaritan Meditation on the story of the Good Samaritan and a call to do likewise.
A Prayer for Releasing Resentments An expression of repentance and intention to think, speak, and act from Source.
Nighttime Forgiveness Practice Suggestions for forgiving yourself and others every night.
Cultivating Compassion through Sacred Naming Suggestions for transforming negative self-talk with a term of endearment.
Heart Meditation Practice Guidance for a heart-centered reflection on the Divine within.