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The Gift of Life A contemplative engagement with the great themes of Lent as a way of seeing, reflecting, and then living them in your own life.
Reawakenings Thomas Keating's story of faith about Jesus asleep in the boat during a storm.
The Daily Reader for Contemplative Living Thomas Keating on how God works to move us away from our egos and discusses the emotional programs that often control our lives.
Heartfulness The spiritual and theological wisdom of Father Thomas Keating conveyed through interviews with Betty Sue Flowers.
Heartfulness Thomas Keating on letting go of the idea of winning over God's love.
Finding Grace at the Center M. Basil Pennington, Thomas Keating, and Thomas E. Clarke with guidance on practicing the centering prayer form of devotion.
Active Meditations for Contemplative Prayer Thomas Keating with a sampler of quotations on the spiritual practice of silence.
The Human Condition Thomas Keating on repentance and the spiritual practice of transformation.
Intimacy with God Thomas Keating on Divine energy always flowing in and through us as a sign of the Creator's presence.
Fruits and Gifts of the Spirit An examination of the role of the Gifts of the Spirit on the spiritual journey.