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Take the "I" Out of Relationships Understanding people you don't like.
Don't Believe Everything You Think Thubten Chodron on not worrying about what others think of you.
Don't Believe Everything You Think Wise insights and practices based on a fourteenth-century Tibetan classic about wisdom and compassion.
How to Free Your Mind Thubten Chodron on examining our attachment to material things and practicing giving things away.
Taming the Mind Thubten Chodron on nurturing antidotes to our tendency to complain.
Guided Meditations on the Stages of the Path Presents insights into the Tibetan Buddhist meditation teachings of lamrim.
Cultivating a Compassionate Heart Helpful meditations, visualizations, and mantras for Buddhists who want to cultivate a compassionate heart in everyday life.
Taming the Mind Concrete spiritual practices for taming our bad habits and cultivating good ones.
Buddhism for Beginners Thubten Chodron on sharing your devotional life with your animals.
Working with Anger Thubten Chodron on rejoicing in the good fortune of others.