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Everyone Says I Love You Woody Allen's musical exploration of the variety and vagaries of romantic love.
Husbands and Wives Examines the ways the soul of a marriage can be sustained or shattered by change and conflict.
Alice A delightful drama about a wealthy and pampered New Yorker who visits a Chinese herbalist for help with her back pain and ends up going on a spiritual journey of self-discovery.
Crimes and Misdemeanors A metaphysical comedy that offers a thought-provoking portrait of the amorality of our times when many individuals no longer seem troubled by guilt.
Another Woman An accomplished philosophy professor who at the age of 50 is compelled by a strange occurrence to take stock of her life.
September A group of discontented people in a country house in Vermont as they confront family secrets, aging, and love.
Radio Days Affectionately eavesdrops on the past and gives everyone a wonderful opportunity to re-imagine what it was like when this communications medium was king.
Hannah and Her Sisters Filled with tart observations and clever asides on the warps of contemporary culture.
The Purple Rose of Cairo A thoroughly enchanting work of art by one of our finest moviemakers
Broadway Danny Rose A paean to the loveable losers in show biz who give it all they've got but still cup up short.