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Go Fish An entertaining and spunky drama about lesbian love.
My Own Private Idaho An inventive depiction of the universal quest for home.
Le Cage Aux Folles A giddy French farce.
Imagine Me & You A bewitching romantic drama set in London about love at first sight and the consequences of this sudden surge of love that defies all reason.
Touch of Pink Depicts the romantic challenges of a gay photographer in London who is carrying on a fantasy life with the spirit of Cary Grant.
The Next Best Thing A comedy that salutes friendship as a resilient and abiding bond that can carry people over troubled waters.
The Opposite of Sex Explores the foibles of contemporary sexual mores.
Colonel Redl Rides on the strong and intense performance by Klaus Maria Brandaur.
Making Love Salutes the philosophy of different strokes for different folks.
Transamerica A love story about two outsiders and their journey across America in search of self-respect and love.