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Good Character Musa Kazim Gulcur on gentleness as a virtue that describes a person who is peaceful, slow to anger, and quick to forgive.
The Self-Disclosure of God A scholarly translation and interpretation of this Sufi teacher's ideas about God, cosmos, and self.
For Love of the Real A celebration of the servanthood path of Sufism based on an intimate relationship with the Divine.
The Garden of Truth Seyyd Hossein Nasr on Sufi chivalry, or kindness.
Darkening of the Light Llewellwn Vaughan-Lee on the need to wake up to the reality of our situation on the ravaged Earth.
Living Presence A masterful primer on the education of the soul and the inner work of transformation.
Heart, Self, and Soul Robert Frager on the Sufi practice of adab, or behaving well.
The Way of Sufi Chivalry A Sufi classic that has been used since the tenth century as a codebook for kind, loving, generous and selfless behavior.
The Garden of Truth An erudite, enlightening and wide-ranging overview of Sufism, its history and practice.
The Inner Journey Kabir Helminski on adab, or manners and kindness.