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Shadrach A heart-affecting drama about a youngster who learns that we must give each death that enters our life the attention it deserves.
How Stella Got Her Groove Back Proves that a nurturing love fills an emptiness that nothing else can fill.
Aretha Franklin Hits In loving memory of The Queen of Soul.
The Words of Martin Luther King, Jr. 120 quotations from the great civil rights leader's speeches, sermons, and writings.
Ali Brings the larger-than-life boxing champion down-to-earth in a fascinating look at an astonishing decade in his amazing career.
The Color of Friendship Examines the efforts of an African American teenager and a white exchange student from South Africa to dismantle the walls of hate and misunderstanding that separate them.
For the Inward Journey An excellent anthology of important writings from the African-American preacher and teacher.
Upon This Rock Profiles the Reverend Johnny Ray Youngblood who has worked wonders in a Brooklyn inner city church.
God's Trombones Contains homilies on the flood, the crucifixion, and judgement day.
The River Niger A touching family drama, an exploration of black identity, and a moving parable about love.