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The Way of Zen The Way of Zen
Embracing Mystery How to make acceptance of mystery a spiritual practice; the first step, let God be God.
These few words are enough These few words are enough
Keeping Silent at Knoll Farm A poem about one night's experiences to enhance a love of the Earth.
O Mystery, Alive in Me The French writer Francis Rene de Chauterbriand had it right when he said: "There is nothing beautiful, sweet or great in life that is not mysterious." I savor the manifold mysteries of a rainbow…
Hang Sah Breathing A simple, effective breathing exercise.
Divine Breath A meditation on our breath and the breath of God.
Listening to Your Inner Child Guidance on caring for and healing your inner child.
Silence A program for individuals and small groups on the spiritual practice of silence.
Birthing God Lana Dalberg on being a gift to the Divine.