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The Workplace Revolution Matthew Gilbert on bringing meaning to the workplace by restoring meaning for our selves.
The Devil Wears Prada A smashing success as a glimpse of the fashion world and as a depiction of a young woman's introduction to the ethical choices that form character on the job.
King Kong Great adventure story with a sensational performance by Naomi Watts as the beauty who makes even a truly fierce beast beautiful just by loving him.
Rambam's Ladder Uses an ancient Jewish text to shed light on the complications of contemporary charity.
The Attention Economy Charts some of the fascinating challenges, problems and issues in our information rich world.
The Heart Aroused A poignant, poetic and practical exploration of making use of imagination at work.
Listening With Empathy Empathy, listening, and service of others touted as positive qualities in the business world.
A Revolution in Kindness Envisions what society would look like if people were kind to each other.
Take This Job and Love It An exceptionally fine book on work as an opportunity for sacred meaning, enlightenment, and service of others.
The Player A behind-the-scenes look at Tinsel Town.