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Night on Earth A clever glimpse of the human condition via taxi drivers and their passengers in five different cities.
The Big Easy A fine gumbo of a movie featuring a brew of police corruption seasoned by an unusual love affair set in New Orleans.
Cosmopolitanism Kwame Anthony Appiah on cosmopolitanism's emphasis on both difference and universality.
The City Four stories of Latin American immigrants living in New York City that activate the energies of the heart.
A Monk in the World Practices that can be done in the city where pluralism, interfaith encounter, and a contemplative lifestyle stretch our souls.
The Personals A quest for love by a Taiwan eye doctor that forces her to confront her deepest confusions.
Blade Runner A top-drawer sci-fi drama set in Los Angeles in 2019.
Faraway, So Close! Speaks forcefully to those who believe in angels and their providential place in our lives.
City of Joy Shows how two men experience the enhancement of their lives by caring, commitment, and community.
The Wanderers Does a fine job mapping adolescent rebelliousness.