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Honor your children Honor your children
Behaving yourself Behaving yourself
On Not Reclining Your Seat Many of us have experienced a coarsening at all levels of society. Who hasn't been dismayed by the rudeness on the streets, the disregard of the comfort of others in public places, the rage which fl…
A Code of Jewish Ethics Rabbi Joseph Telushkin on having good manners as a spiritual practice of kindness.
Kate and Leopold A time-travel romantic comedy with a charming and memorable character who impresses all with his kindness and civility.
Reverence is an ancient virtue Reverence is an ancient virtue
Heart, Self, and Soul Rich material on Sufism as a practical mysticism for the modern world.
The Community of Kindness A wonderful collection of stories and inspirational quotations.
Hafiz Version by Daniel Ladinsky in The Gift Why not be polite
Living a Life That Matters Provides insights into those qualities that give life meaning and value; faith, conscience, integrity, service, and doing good.