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God as a Public Park Divine multiplicity as a welcoming space.
Listening Is More Needed Now Than Ever In an article on, Olaf Werder points out that in today's polarized milieu, dialogue between people has given way to "parallel monologues, paired with an inability to listen." Man…
We Are on an Errand for Humanity Changing our course for good.
Cultivation of favorable conditions Cultivation of favorable conditions
Practicing Democracy Conversation Program Plan A detailed plan for bringing together neighbors to develop and strengthen relationships.
Devote Hobbies to the Common Good Encouragement to connect the hobbies you enjoy to the causes you support.
Community and the Politics of Place A treatise on the connection between connection to a specific place and the impulse for civic engagement.
The Impulse Society Paul Roberts on how short-term thinking ruins everything in politics.
Reflection Harvest Ritual For a gathering of our Ritual Salon in the early fall I wanted to find a way to get in touch with the season. Traditionally the fall is a time of celebrating the harvest: honoring seeds sown earlier…
Responding to Religious Customs An invitation to remove harmful religious customs from your life and to include the beneficial ones.