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The Second Half of Life Angeles Arrien on the second half of life as a spiritual adventure for wise elders.
The aged are rare parchment The aged are rare parchment
Keep the River on Your Right: A Modern Cannibal Tale An extraordinary documentary about an unusual man whose questing spirit is a marvel to behold.
After 50 Challenges us to make the most out of this stage of life.
The Evening Star Explores the adventure of aging and the benefits of life review.
From Age-ing to Sage-ing An edifying portrait of the spiritual dimensions of the last stage of life.
Living Your Unlived Life Presents the tools and exercises which can help us deal with our shadow and our unlived lives.
Passion for Life Admonishes us all to drink deeply from the cup of life every moment we are here.
Making Things Better Probes the deliberations of a 73-year-old recluse as he tries to decide whether to give in to his deepest yearnings or to slip peacefully into old age.
Wisdomkeepers A collection of comments by Native American spiritual elders on history, rituals, dreams and visions, Earth, and much more.