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Don't Think Twice A dramedy about the toxic effects of envy, fear, and competition on the hopes and dramas of a band of improv comedians in New York City.
An American Pickle A dramedy that will get you asking yourself questions about family and legacies.
Past Life A sober-minded Israeli film about sibling rivalry, secrets from the past, and the quest to express oneself creatively.
Mary Queen of Scots A fascinating costume drama propelled by a poignant performance by Saoirse Ronan.
Fighting with My Family Intimate portrait of an English girl who dreams of entering the wild and wonderful world of pro wrestling.
Brad's Status An insightful dramedy about a man's midlife crisis propelled by comparisons and envy.
The Paradise TV series about a spirited and creative young woman whose enthusiasm for work is a wonder to behold.
Why We Are Spending Hours Watching a BBC Comedy Series about a Reverend Our thoughts on viewing series involving clergy.
Rev. Why we are spending hours watching a BBC comedy series about a Reverend