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Let Us Break Bread Together A Passover seder designed for use by Christians.
Feeding Yourself Urging to love your body by loving your food.
Togetherness Expressing gratitude
Cries of the Spirit Nancy Willard's poem on taking your pepper gently, for peppers are shy.
One Hundred Graces Brings together wonderful prayers of thanksgiving.
Through the Kitchen Window Essays, stories, poems and recipes by 40 contributors.
In Defense of Food Michael Pollan on rules for eating that will restore the meal.
Light Theology & Heavy Cream Discussions of creativity, addiction, sin, grace, and the inappropriateness of overcooked chicken breasts.
If the Buddha Came to Dinner Lays out nourishing practices that encourage growth and development.
Tomato Blessings and Radish Teachings A cookbook filled with Zen insights into food, fellowship, and fiascos.