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Kaboom! Kaboom!
The Guru Drinks Bourbon? Nineteen meanings of devotion
Reflections of Amma Amanda J. Lucia on Amma's focused attempt to rectify gender imbalances.
The Guru Drinks Bourbon? A balanced view of gurus who both wrestle with demons and dispense epiphanies.
Not for Happiness A primer on ngondra practice and an explanation of its benefits.
Holy Madness Cogent and erudite commentary on the crazy wisdom of modern-day gurus and the spiritual challenges they provide.
The Life of Hinduism Twenty essays on the diversity of contemporary Hinduism.
Awake: The Life of Yogananda A rounded portrait of the Father of Yoga in the West that celebrates his practical and uplifting art of spiritual living.
Enlighten Up! A Skeptic's Journey into...Yoga A thought-provoking documentary that provides an up-close and personal look at the quest for spiritual meaning in yoga.
Sacred Journey Wise advice for bypassing noise by plunging into meditation's depths.