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State of Play A brisk and well-acted political thriller about power, friendship, murder, and greed.
It's Easier for a Camel Examines the soul-searching of a very rich woman who yearns for something more than financial wealth.
Ocean's Twelve A lark of a film to watch with top-drawer cast strutting their stuff in a playful manner.
Maria Full of Grace The compelling story of a courageous and adventuresome seventeen-year old Columbian.
Vodka Lemon An extraordinary Armenian film about the heavy weight of poverty on those who have very few options.
Life Is Sweet Explores the personal and economic lives of a lower middle-class English family in hard times.
Mister Johnson A richly nuanced and well-acted screen version of Joyce Cary's 1839 novel.
The Color of Money A tight, tough, and tense screenplay carried by Paul Newman's intelligent performance.
The Holy Innocents Boasts a memorable performance by Francisco Rabal.
Rich Kids A remarkable job covering Manhattan as a playground for the affluent.