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The Way of Mary A gorgeous book, meticulously researched, showing how the key moments in the devotional life of Mary, mother of Jesus, can be a model for us all.
On the Day You Were Born The miracle of a child's birth linked to miracles of the natural world through gorgeous illustrations and natural history facts.
How Do We Know When It's God? The adventures of a stumbing pilgrim.
Simple Words Delves into the meaning of some of the simple but profound words that give our lives roots and wings.
Rummaging for God Looks for God in her daily life and comes up with some poignant realizations.
When God Is Silent Cherishes the mystery of God and the spiritual practice of reverence.
Conversations with God A bestseller about a playful, compassionate and forgiving God who appreciates good listeners, creativity, love, positive thinking and laughter.
Quarks, Chaos, & Christianity Examines the common ground between science and religion.
River of Compassion A profound interpretation of this Hindu classic.