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Motherland An eye-opening documentary about the plight of poor women giving birth in the busiest maternity ward in the world.
Code Black A sobering and idealistic call for more emergency room "mercy medicine" as an alternative to treating only paying patients.
Omar A stirring drama set in Palestine where an intense young man experiences the torment of distrust in his private and public life.
La Sirga A Columbian drama about the fear that hangs like a dark cloud over a young female refugee who seeks a new life in the High Andes with her uncle.
Ordinary Boys A revealing look at the lives of some poor Muslims in a Moroccan community.
Foster Child A gritty look at the nurturing love of a foster mother in a Manila slum for a three-year-old boy.
Rosetta The drama vividly conveys the stunted emotional and spiritual life of a teenager who has no time for anything except the struggle to survive.
Hidden in America A thoughtful portrait of both the perils of poverty and the difficult dynamics of compassion.
Lucy Walker's Blog Lucy Walker describes the genesis of her interest in garbage.
A Statement from Lucy Walker On making the movie.