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The Five Things We Cannot Change . . . Ideas and spiritual practices that are gateways to contentment.
At Home in the Muddy Water Shows how regular practice is the key to a life of meaning, purpose, and depth.
The Golden Age of Zen A classic collection of stories, poems, koans, and spiritual exercises.
7th Heaven Sheds light on the practices that make this holy day one of such spiritual uplift.
The Lost Teachings of Yoga The Lost Teachings of Yoga by Georg Feuerstein presents a substantive overview of the spiritual foundations of this ancient path to inner freedom and enlightenment.
Tao in Ten Outlines the basics of this Eastern path that has great relevance in these times.
Not Always So A multidimensional Zen appreciation of the rigors, insights, and rewards of spiritual practice as a discipline.
The Last Barrier A classic spiritual quest journey recounting what must be given up in order to savor the freedom, truth, and joy of surrender to God on the Way.
The Jewish Lights Spirituality Handbook Probes the heights and depths of Jewish spirituality.
Straight to the Heart of Zen Wise commentary on emptiness, joy, practice, nonduality, silence, and student-teacher relationships.