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Words and Images that Seep into the Soul Quotations and poems that reveal a Protestant minister's questing spirit.
The Doubleday Christian Quotation Collection Contains many fine quotations on everyday spirituality.
The Tao of Now A stunning collection of quotations gathered from all religious and spiritual perspectives.
The Mystic Hours Insights and inspirational material from the mystical traditions.
Seeds of the Spirit A top-drawer collection of quotations.
The Quotable Spirit A marvelous collection of spiritual quotations from a variety of sages and different ages.
Indian Spirit Stirring spiritual quotations by olden-day Native Americans.
Hasidic Wisdom 1000 aphorisms by Hasidic sages of the past two centuries.
Zen Soup A collection of quotations from philosophers, religious teachers, and wandering sages.
The Wonders of Solitude 300 quotations complied and edited by Dale Salwak.