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Alice Walker A profile with bibliography and distinctive contributions to spirituality of Alice Walker, novelist, poet, womanist, and social activist.
The same color bones The same color bones
In My Country A bold drama set in South Africa that salutes forgiveness and restorative justice as alternatives to revenge and the continuing cycle of violence.
William Shakespeare's The Merchant of Venice Boasts a sterling performance by Lynn Collins as an enchanting Portia who makes the most of her beauty and her brains.
Q & A An unsettling film about the racial bigotry which permeates every facet of urban living.
The Cross and the Lynching Tree James Cone on how the lynching of blacks continues today with the incarceration of more than one million young blacks.
The Human Stain Tallies up the pain, the suffering, and the loss that come into our lives when we refuse to acknowledge the shadow part of ourselves.
The Power of One A startling film about a young South African boy's coming of age under the tutelage of three spiritual elders.
Betrayed A riveting and powerful portrait of white supremacists and their virulent doctrine of hate.
Fort Apache, The Bronx A portrait of the men in blue as neither Galahads nor roughnecks but as ordinary human beings who try to cope in a pressure-cooker.