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Science and the Search for God Pays tribute to the importance of wonder in appreciating the mysteries and the marvels of the earth on which we live.
Spiritual Genius A watershed work on the way gifted, energetic, and inspiring individuals around the world are making a difference in the affairs of the planet thanks to their spiritual practices.
At the Entrance to the Garden of Eden A courageous, enlightening, and visionary work about building bridges between Jews, Christians, and Muslims in Israel.
Spiritual Marketplace Charts the wide-ranging search for meaning by the largest generational cohort in U.S. history.
What You Will See Inside a Mosque A handy introduction to Islamic worship and tradition.
What You Will See Inside a Catholic Church A succinct and informative introduction to Catholic worship and tradition.
The Heart of Islam A sturdy and substantive overview of this religion that has 1.2 billion adherents.
The Catholic Imagination A thought-provoking overview of this multidimensional religious sensibility.
The Seeker's Guide An excellent guided tour of the spirituality of wholeness for mind, heart, body, and soul.
A Chosen Faith An exploration of six dimensions of this religious denomination.