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When All You've Ever Wanted Isn't Enough Harold Kushner's explanation of the Jewish autumn holiday of Sukkot and its emphases upon thanksgiving and the acknowledgment of impermanence.
Eternal Seasons A fine collection that keys excerpts from his spiritual teacher's writings to the themes of the church year.
Tracks in the Straw God enters the world as a great mystery.
Things Seen and Unseen A sturdy collection of observations, insights, musings, and reflections from a Catholic theologian's notebooks.
The Liturgical Year Presents the liturgical year as a spiritual adventure filled with dramatic events, dynamic characters, and vibrant emotions.
What On Earth Have I Done? Robert Fulghum on amateur joy.
Holidays and Holy Nights An imaginative work that evidences a deep reverence for the mysteries of God, human nature, time, and nature.
The Days Between Insights into the Jewish High Holidays from a master of devotional writing.
Howard Thurman Howard Thurman on spiritual practice of peace
Margaret's First Holy Week The latest adventures in prayer, penance, and liturgy of the Pope's adopted cat.