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Wind Bell Yvonne Rand on practicing the half-smile (in a book edited by Michael Wenger).
Celebrating Silence Sri Sri Ravi Shankar on dealing with rudeness.
A Nature Poem for Every Night of the Year A poem by John Foster about nature's moods.
Stories of Awe and Abundance Jose Hobday telling the story of Joseph -- a Berkeley resident who reached out to one and all to provide a bit of good news.
Safe Journey Julia Cameron on allowing yourself to display a positive attitude.
Buddha's Book of Stress Reduction Joseph Emet's recommendation: smile, life is a miracle.
Why Smile? A treasure trove of information and insights into smiling.
Each Breath A Smile Demonstrates for children the benefits that come from mindfulness.
Buddha U A list of patterns in life that demonstrate benevolence.
Yoga and the Path of the Urban Mystic Darren John Main on practicing kindness in a long line at the post office.