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Step Into Liquid A winning overview of surfing and the stoke that fuels the playfulness of wave-riders around the world.
The Replacements A group of so-called losers who get their moment in the sun during a professional football player's strike.
The Cup An endearing drama, set in a Tibetan Buddhist monastery, about loving others and giving up one's attachments.
Amazing Grace and Chuck A hope-filled film portraying how humanity is capable of following its best instincts.
Rocky II Carried on the strong shoulders of Sylvester Stallone who puts in a stellar performance as a loving husband and a good friend.
Skate Under the Stars A spiritual exercise to help you explore the moods and meanings of winter.
Million Dollar Baby A powerful emotional drama about a woman boxer, a crusty old trainer, and the circumstances that draw them together for a journey of the heart.
The Mystical Side of Life A discussion of sport as a vehicle for transcendence.
Rocky V Goes the distance as a parable about what is really means to have heart.
Rocky IV Proves once again that all the world loves an underdog.