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The Call of Stories Robert Coles on feeding the imagination through reading novels.
A Flock of Fools A collection of humorous and playful stories about the follies and delusions of human beings.
Buechner A 2003 interview with Protestant minister and prolific writer Frederick Buechner about things that matter to him -- listening to God, faith, grace, laughter, and paying attention.
The Essential Crazy Wisdom A new edition of an underground classic about the playful spirit of Zen masters, tricksters, holy fools, and other wacky teachers.
Bumping Into God Again Thirty-five stories about the graceful touch of God.
Little Orphan Angela Fresh stories plumbing the mystery and magnificence of Christmas.
The Zen of Oz Mines the Zen insights in one of the most popular movies of all time.
Tracks in the Straw 15 nativity stories and modern fables arranged for daily use during Advent.
Stories of Rebbe Nachman Contains some of Rebbe Nachman of Breslov's teaching fables.
More One Minute Nonsense 161 stories, parables and proverbs from this Catholic spiritual teacher.