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Awakening Anthony de Mello's exploration of the spiritual path through stories, parables, and proverbs.
Awakening Stories, parables, and proverbs from a composite teacher sharing the wisdom of Hinduism, Christianity, Zen, Taoism, Judaism, and Sufism.
Message from the Sparrows Explores the Sufi path with its emphasis on love, seeing connections, imagination and searching for truth.
The Essential Crazy Wisdom A new edition of an underground classic about the playful spirit of Zen masters, tricksters, holy fools, and other wacky teachers.
Bumping Into God Again Thirty-five stories about the graceful touch of God.
Little Orphan Angela Fresh stories plumbing the mystery and magnificence of Christmas.
The Zen of Oz Mines the Zen insights in one of the most popular movies of all time.
Invisible Lines of Connection Will stop you in your tracks and give you fresh ways of reframing the sacred experiences of your life.
Ice Castles Lifts our spirits by giving a glimpse into the human side of an exciting sport.
Telling the Truth A collection of essays challenging ministers to make the most of the imagination and stories in their preaching and teaching.