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3 Faces An enigmatic and enlightening drama about the resiliency of the feminine spirit.
Bullets into Bells A riveting collection of poems written to spur citizen activism against gun violence.
A Prayer for All Those Affected by the Suicides of War Veterans Companion of the Sorrowful, our hearts ache for all the young war veterans who have committed suicide; may they rest in peace. Be with their loved ones; may they experience the healing balm you offe…
Heaven Knows What The downward ride of two self-destructive heroin addicts living on the mean streets of New York City.
It's a Disaster A character-driven drama that mixes humor and seriousness when eight people must take stock of their options as a nerve-gas cloud heads their way.
A Prayer for Suicide Victims Newspapers, magazines, and television reports deliver the story of another suicide: a famous filmmaker leaps to his death off a bridge, a college student exposed by classmates as being gay takes his…
Oslo, August 31st A searing portrait of a young man's chronic loneliness.
Detachment A grim but thought-provoking depiction of a failing inner-city high school and a gifted substitute teacher with a big heart.
The Deep Blue Sea A 1950s story about an alluring woman who leaves her husband in search of sexual passion with a younger man.
Nora's Will A spiritually rich Mexican drama about a Jewish woman's death and the responses of her inner circle of family and friends.