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The current assault against silence. The current assault against silence.
Entering the age of the global village Entering the age of the global village
Transformers A slam-bang sci-fi action drama with exploding cars, razzle-dazzle battle sequences, a bling-wearing dog, robots with heart, and a secret agent with silly underwear.
Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines A science fiction thriller with a surprising take on America's weapons of mass destruction.
A. I. Artificial Intelligence A complex, elusive, spellbinding, and visionary film that tutors us in the spiritual practice of ensouling the world of things in the name of love and through the faculty of our imagination.
Red Planet A mission to Mars during which six astronauts confront the best and the worst that is in them.
The Sixth Day A sci-fi thriller set in the near future when a corporation tries to make a killing on the cloning of human beings.
The Iron Giant An anti-guns parable about a giant robot and the boy who protects him.
Return of the Jedi Scores with its imaginative sweep, colorful characters, and ambitious mythology
The Conversation A prophetic film about the moral issues at stake when technology outstripps our knowledge of how to use and control it.