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Francis of Assisi Leonardo Boff on Francis of Assisi's strategy to liberate individuals from hatred and violence by practicing kindness and compassion.
Carandiru An unusual prison movie set in a Sao Paulo House of Detention where a doctor earns the respect of the prisoners with his genuine interest in the stories of their wayward lives.
Executive Decision An adrenalin-pumping political thriller that doesn't let up from start to finish.
Women and Spirituality: The Burning Times Offers a chillly look at the persecution of women accused of being witches in Europe from the 15th through 17th centuries.
Wild at Heart A strange and compelling road movie as imagined by writer and director David Lynch.
State of Grace Charts the territory of lawlessness, betrayal, and violence.
King of New York Vividly conveys the dark side of power.
Tightrope Film noir at its best with an intriguing blend of law and order, sin and sex, violence and sado-masochism.
The Road Warrior A rousing tale of survival set in a grim and violent future.
Hostility is one of the most infectious diseases Hostility is one of the most infectious diseases