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Gloria A superb Chilean film about the quest of two middle-aged divorcees for lasting love.
About Time A combination romantic comedy and time travel movie that reveals what comes from a spiritual appreciation of the present moment and all its delights.
The Wall A heart-affecting tale of survival with a fierce and tender performance by Martina Gedeck.
Silent Souls A somber but creative Russian drama about death, sex, friendship, and the lingering effects of an ancient pagan culture.
Planet of Snail A deeply moving documentary about love, living with disabilities, savoring the senses, and being present.
Safety Not Guaranteed A wonder-inducing combo of time travel and romantic comedy that tickles the funny bone and provokes thought about the different dimensions of time.
Up A charming animated feature about a memorable cross-generation friendship that is also a probe on the true meaning of adventure.
Paris A visual valentine to Paris and an enchanting dramady about a group of strangers whose lives mysteriously interconnect.
Marley & Me A comedy about a wild, rambunctious, and playful dog who is a spiritual teacher par excellence of how to live in the present moment.
Megane A thoroughly enchanting drama about an up-tight and driven woman who is softened and opened up by the slow and sensuous rhythms of island time.