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Joy Lasts A look at differences between religious and spiritual art with examples ranging from Cezanne to El Greco.
A Zen Book of Hours 144 pages of sayings from Zen seers and others along with playful and often profound brush drawings.
A Passion for Seeing A wonderful overview of the art, thought, and spiritual vision of this extraordinary artist.
The Geometry of Love A commentary on ancient churches as treasure troves of art, politics, and ecclesiastical history.
Falling Toward Grace Essays on the vitality of the sacred in an urban setting.
A Home for the Soul An enchanting gift book for those soul-mates who want to make their home a sacred setting.
The Illustrated Jesus Through the Centuries A survey of different ways that successive cultures have appropriated the man from Nazareth for their own times.
The Tao of the Cross, The Oxherding Parable, and the Unkillable Human Reflections on what Christian mystics call the Christ within and Buddhists call your Original Face.
The Soul of the World A pocket cathedral of wisdom.
Voices of the First Day A revelation of the rich legacy of the aboriginals for the human race.