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Just Feel A guide to emotional awareness for 8 - 12 year olds.
Time Is When A snappy and wonder-inducing children's book on the many sides of time.
A Friend Like Iggy A true tale about an accredited facilitator dog providing support to kids who disclose abuse.
Where's Buddha? A young child's primer on omnipresence.
ABC Yoga A creative alphabet book about yoga asanas from Armadillo to Zzzz, the sleeping pose.
See, Hear, Feel Mindfulness instructions, activities, and games for early elementary schoolchildren.
Bee Still A chance for children to pause in meditative quiet along with Bentley the bee.
Just Breathe A children's guide to a healthier, happier life through meditation and mindfulness practice.
Ah Ha! A clever and breezy tale about a frog who just wants to relax.
Sky Sweeper An exceptional children's book that reveals the spiritual nature of work.