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Humility Matters for Practicing The Spiritual Life The third volume in a series about spiritual practices to deepen the Christian life.
Praying with the Desert Mothers Survey of the lives and the devotional practices of the early Christian desert mothers.
Where Cross the Crowded Ways A collection of moving congregational prayers for parishioners living in the city.
Morning B.R.E.W. A soul-stirring devotional resource to jump-start your day.
An Invitation to Christian Yoga 25 exercises from hatha yoga along with ways to see them as body prayers.
The Sacred Art of Chant A summary of this practice with suggestions of chants for gratitude, peace, compassion, and other intentions.
The St. Clare Prayer Book A handy overview of the devotional life of St. Clare.
Music of the Sky A fine collection of spiritual poems from many different religious traditions.
Tibetan Buddhist Altars A beautifully designed devotional resource.
Prayer of Heart and Body Presents meditation and yoga as Christian devotional practices.